Pre-order Panda Packs for your class at a special price of $9.50

We have two Panda packs to choose from. Pre-order your panda packs and Teachers receive a free regular coffee on the day*. With all those kids to look after who doesn’t need a coffee? Download our form and email or fax it to us with 24 hour notice and we will have your packs ready to collect at the time you specify. Or fill out our online form below.

Payment is required in full on collection of the order
*minimum 15 packs


School excursion panda packs


Panda Picnic One

Ham & cheese sandwich or vegemite & cheese sandwich
Pump water or Fruit drink
Snacks x2
Swimming voucher

Panda Picnic Two

3 nuggets and chips
Pump water or Fruit Drink
Snacks x2
Swimming voucher

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Number of Teachers

Panda Pack 1 (Ham+Cheese)

Panda Pack 1 (Vegemite)

Panda Pack 2